R-CISC Membership

Members represent retail and customer-facing companies throughout the retail ecosystem, including traditional retail, consumer products, hotels, gaming, consumer financial services, gift cards, restaurants and industry providers.

Associate members are industry-leading providers committed to adding value within the retail community, understanding industry challenges and supporting our retail members.

The Gaming and Hospitality Cybersecurity Alliance (GHCA)

GHCA members are Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), threat intelligence leaders and technical practitioners dedicated to a common mission: to foster a secure, collaborative forum for gaming, resorts, hotels and entertainment companies to share threat intelligence. Information shared translates to detection, mitigation and improved response capabilities to reduce business risks, protect customer accounts and create safer experiences within our ecosystem.

Limited offer for new Core members joining by Dec. 15: 15% off of 1st year’s membership dues for new Core members in 2018!

For a limited time, the R-CISC is offering 15% off on first year membership dues to new Core member companies that commit to a two-year membership agreement by Dec. 15, 2018.

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Core Membership Dues

Membership fees are based on annual corporate revenue:

Annual corporate revenue Core Fees
>$20B $46,500
$10B – $20B $38,500
$5B – $10B $23,500
$1B – 5B $13,500
$250M – 1B $7,500
<$250M $2,500

Best Practice & Intelligence Sharing

Eight credentials for the R-CISC Collaboration Portal

  • Retail ISAC threat intelligence summaries, trends, and reports
  • Real-time, peer-to-peer sharing of cyber threat intelligence and best practices
  • Member-to-member discussion forums for topic-specific sharing
  • Access to products, services, and intelligence made available by Associate members
  • Access and contribute thought leadership white-papers, research, and best practice resources
  • Find and follow like-minded users
  • Advanced search for content, like-minded users, discussions, resources
  • Ability to “poll” peers or ask questions virtually

R-CISC Member Events

Exclusive events included with Core Membership

  • Unlimited access to virtual community discussions of trending cybersecurity topics and best practices
  • Webinars focused on trends, insights, and analysis from the Retail ISAC, associate members and industry experts
  • Up to three (3) eligible individuals may participate in the annual Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit
  • Participation in regional events designed to foster peer discussion of intelligence topic themes focused on people, processes, and technology

Leadership. Collaboration, & Training

Government & Cross-Sector Sharing

  • Access to intelligence alerts, summaries, and analysis made available through R-CISC collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cyber Information Sharing and Collaboration Program (CISCP) and cross-industry collaboration through membership in the National Council of ISACs

Five Credentials for Secure, Automated Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing

Retail ISAC Threat Intelligence Platform

  • API and STIX/TAXII enabled
  • Access directly from the Retail ISAC Platform or through leading threat intel platforms (TIPs)

Leadership. Collaboration, & Trust Groups

  • Intelligence Task Force (ITF) for dedicated cyber threat intel analysts
  • Strategic benchmarking
  • Account Take Over (ATO) & gift card fraud working groups
  • Engagement
  • ISAC Committee
  • Industry-specific trust groups

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Download the GHCA Membership Brochure

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R-CISC Associate Member Model

Associate Member


Associate members are industry-leading providers who are committed to adding value within the retail community, understanding industry challenges and supporting retail members through the R-CISC’s mission of advancing the collective capabilities of cybersecurity professionals in retail.

    • Associate member logo, company name, brief company description, and primary point of contact information displayed on Associate member section of the R-CISC website
    • Associate member-contributed products, services, and intelligence made available to retail members on an ongoing basis to be featured in member benefits section of R-CISC website
    • Space on R-CISC Collaboration Portal to post white papers, blogs and other promotional material
      One invitation to Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit
    • Opportunity to secure R-CISC member event sponsorships at 10% discount from list price and in advance of public promotion1

Contact for more details on additional sponsorship opportunities available:

  • Participation in CyberThursday Webinars (max. of 4 available annually)
  • Sponsoring company may provide an eligible practitioner-speaker and content to be featured in one (1) R-CISC promoted member webinar3
  • Purchase ad space in R-CISC Weekly Threat Brief
  • Regional workshop sponsorships
  • Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit sponsorships

Strategic Associate Member

Many solution providers seek to have a more strategic partnership with the R-CISC, providing their products and/or services to either the R-CISC itself or to member companies directly to assist them in defending their systems, brand, and customers. For these Strategic Associate Members, annual dues are negotiated based on the approximate value of the products or services provided by the company and the visibility afforded by the R-CISC.
Some examples of Strategic Associate membership are highlighted. All Strategic Associate Members receive:

  • Two registrations to the Retail Cyber Intelligence Summit
  • Brand recognition, as appropriate, on the sponsorship
  • Prominent recognition on R-CISC website
  • Company space with within the R-CISC Collaboration Portal
  • Joint press release to announce the strategic engagement
Committee/Working Group Sponser
Build relationships and provide expertise within retail member working groups
Highlight relevant trends, best practices, and thought leadership
Intelligence Provider
Provide access to intelligence and technologies that encourage member use, drive value, and distinguish your company as a leader among others
Research Provider
Conduct focused benchmarking research for the betterment of retailers in cybersecurity
Develop co-branded report leveraging expertise, and research

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Terms & Conditions

* Event Participation

  • All sponsorship opportunities subject to availability
  • Associate member discount pricing and preferred availability limited to contracts executed within the first full calendar month of the year
  • Sponsorships secured outside of preferred associate member window subject to list price
  • All event participation is subject to the R-CISC’s terms of engagement including agreement to adhere to Traffic Light Protocol (TLP)
  • Participants must hold a title and role responsibilities including as a practitioner and/or executive level professional with responsibilities within the cyber threat intelligence, cybersecurity, fraud or related business units

** Press

  • Press release to be made available to the R-CISC for review and approval in advance of release

*** Thought Leadership

  • Content, guest contributor and/or speaker subject to approval by the R-CISC
  • Working group and taskforce participation subject to availability and approval of associate member participant qualifications
  • Some participation opportunities subject to sponsorship
  • Participants must hold practitioner and/or executive level professional responsibilities within the cyber threat intelligence, cybersecurity, fraud or related business units