Event Details

Illinois Regional Intelligence Workshop

Spend the day at Walgreens University, Chicago, with top retail and consumer-facing cybersecurity practitioners, network with peers and walk away with practical strategies for improving your cyber threat intel.

The R-CISC regional workshop series are built by members for their retail cybersecurity practitioner peers in various regions throughout the United States, and are designed to deliver practical strategies and insights for retailers on intelligence programs, requirements and processes at the tactical, operational and strategic levels.

Eligible workshop participants are cybersecurity practitioners from retail, gaming, hospitality, restaurants, grocers, consumer financial services, consumer products and other consumer-facing companies. Invitations will be extended to eligible, current R-CISC members and non-member practitioners who are eligible for R-CISC Core membership and to other attendees based on regional proximity.

Registration is subject to availability. To learn more about R-CISC Core membership, please visit r-cisc.org/membership for questions on eligibility, please email events@r-cisc.org.