Education & Training

Education and training are key tools in the fight against criminal activity. R-CISC collaborates with industry partners to provide educational resources for members’ employees, the general public, and other industries. Through educational initiatives and sharing of best practices, the R-CISC aims to enhance the situational awareness of those responsible for network security as well as those who use the networks. Likewise, threat exercises and drills help members prepare for and respond to security incidents.

In cooperation with the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), the R-CISC provides tools such as employee tipsheets and training on information security best practices. Retailers also have access to educational collateral and material they can use on their own web sites to help equip their customers with tips and knowledge to “stay safe online.”

To see how you can engage, learn, and collaborate with industry peers and cybersecurity experts, please visit our events page.



There are many memeber benefits to our education and training programs:

Leading practices

We host topic-specific webcasts that cover cybersecurity in retail

Cyber Exercises

Simulated cybersecurity war-gaming exercises, both in person and virtual

Mentor Program

Forum to facilitate mentorship between companies of differing cybersecurity maturity


CIO/CISO forums, networking events, and regional conferences/ meetings

Education Discounts

Industry leading cybersecurity training programs, offered at discounted rates

Internship Program

Students have the opportunity to participate in our internship program with members