Core Membership

R-CISC Membership

To ensure that all retailers would be able to afford the opportunity to participate in the R-CISC, the fee schedule based on corporate revenue was applied. Retailers joining at the Core level have the opportunity to participate in sharing best practices for information security and risk management, as well as sharing the latest threat intelligence. Fees are based on annual corporate revenue. If you would like to be emailed a membership application or learn more information, please email us at

Membership Qualifications:

Organizations connected with the following retail and consumer products, goods and services industries are eligible to become Core Members of the R-CISC:


Other organizations may become Associate Members of the R-CISC, including:


Organizations must NOT:

Consideration for membership will be evaluated and considered subject to the R-CISC’s approval.


Joining the R-CISC adds another tool in a retailers’ cybersecurity arsenal. Sharing threat intelligence with peers improves your security posture and situational awareness.


Member benefits include access to:

Core members enjoy access to an exclusive network of retail peers and leading industry providers exchanging intelligence and daily insights within the R-CISC community.

Eligible members may participate in member-driven Subcommittees, Task Force and Working Groups. Members may also submit interest for consideration of R-CISC supported trusted groups to support collaboration among members within specific vertical, interest, or role-based positions. Examples include: